Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh happy Day!! Sara got her LOA!!

God Bless you Sara!!

Sara is my friend that I met thanks to my daughter Melissa, (who is waiting still to be matched with a daughter).....Sara and her family have been waiting over 90 days ( a lifetime!) to receive this LOA!!

An LOA is a adoption term, anyone who has ever adopted yearns to receive their LOA, Letter of Acceptance!! Sara's is from the Chinese Government, and they are requesting Sara and her husband sign it and decide, (*one last time*), "Is this your child?". They must check yes or no... then seal it and deliver it to their adoption agency. Their agency will send it overnight to China. Then they wait for China to "Invite" them. The next document will be called TA, (Travel Approval). They could leave in as early as 5 weeks!!

This is precious, precious Mya....she now has a momma, daddy and two big brothers who will love her forever!! Mya is their forever girl!!
God is so good!


itcbeth said...

Oh Maree, I'm rejoicing with you and your family - I know how happy you are. This little girl will begin to know love from a wonderful family and a Heavenly Father!

Lipstick Republican said...

We rejoice with them! Our LOA came 13 years ago and I still remember the day! Praying for Melissa to be matched soon, too.

sara said...

Maree, you are so sweet!! Thanks for the shout out & the coveted prayers!

I am praying that Melissa and Shawn & Leah get their call very soon...and that you guys can travel soon to meet is so hard to wait! She will know that she was loved for so very long and she will fit so perfectly, you will know only God could have orchestrated it!!


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

PTL!! I have friends who are hoping for an LOA!

I have just posted a (long) message on P O P answering questions. I replied to your question about fasting.

Thank you for your faithfulness!


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

What wonderful news! Praise the Lord! Being adopted myself I know firsthand how special it is to be adopted and I thank God every day that He placed me in a wonderful Christian home.