Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Maybe cake is not your craving..... I saw this cake here on bakerella's blog...
oh dear....cake was definitely an instant craving.
It looks like it might taste like a Sprinkles cupcake.
You can get Sprinkles mix at William Sonoma too.

These are Perfect Endings at William Sonoma...


It's not forbidden in a healthy lifestyle

Have a slice, have a cupcake....really have a piece.....take time to really taste and enjoy...drraaag the experience out.

Don't beat yourself up! We are human and that is that.

My beloved big ole Uncle Earl was a diabetic. His wife, my precious Aunt Libby was an excellent cook and baked pies and cakes Uncle Earl couldn't have.....he had

SUGAR FREE ice cream and such.

I stayed with them in the summers when I was a girl, they lived on a farm, and I absolutely adored them. One day Aunt Lib asked me to go get something from the freezer in the pantry...when I opened the door, there was Uncle Earl hiding, with his apron on that Aunt Lib made him wear when he was eating.....and he was eating alright...a huge piece of cake. He put his finger to his mouth to shush me. I felt so sorry for him!! I gently closed the door and told no one.

Don't hide and eat something wonderful!!

enjoy it without quilt.....

one piece is enough to satisfy,

then get back to life a little happier and content!

Craving over!!;-)


nanatrish said...

I wish I could always stop at one piece. So many times the sweets taste so yummy that I have one of something then say, "Trish, you have already messed up. Go for it!" I know that's the wrong self talk, but I'm just being honest.

nanatrish said...

Oh I forgot to tell you that was a sweet story. I would be like your uncle secretly eating. It's not a secret when it hits my hips though. Why can't I get that through my brain?