Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Rachel!!

Rachel is 25 today!!
Happy Birthday!!
Rachel is our son Rich's wife....we are blessed to have her in our family and love her very much!
Rachel is going to have a baby in June and we are all so excited!!
I told our grandson Sammy about it this weekend and his eyes got so big and he said, " a baby?..a little baby?? oohh!!"
Leah is very excited too!
We are all happy!
We can't wait!
Rachel you are a wonderful christian woman and for that I am so grateful.
You love the Lord with your whole mind, soul and spirit.
This little baby is so
blessed to have you for a mommy!
God bless you and keep you safe in his care.
Thanks for being the best wife to our son!
Love and prayers!!
Happy, Happy Birthday Rachel!!


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

What a beautiful couple! I know you are so excited about that little baby. Isn't it wonderful to have a sweet daughter in law? I have a very sweet son in law and he has been such a good daddy to Avery. It's getting to look a lot like Christmas! Praise the Lord

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Rachel. Yes you are blessed but so is Rachel to have a MIL as wonderful as you.

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