Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year...Goodbye 2008


I love Abba....happy feel good music. They mention goodbye 1989 in this clip.

To some people that's no BIG DEAL, but to me and Dick....it's a very VERY BIG DEAL .

That's the year Dick went to a meeting at his job, that didn't have snacks. At that meeting, his company he had worked so very hard for 12 years.....let him go. He thought he was getting a higher paying position...Dick was completely taken off guard and shocked. ....
we ALL were in shock.

Up until that point Dick and I had the feeling most of the time....
what bad thing is going to happen today.
We were Christians, but baby Christians....
During this year we learned to trust in GOD...for everything.

It was the worst of times and the best of times
I'd read the bible and really sometimes, just couldn't understand it.
I prayed for understanding and the Lord blessed me greatly that year
through really spending time in His word and prayer
His word came alive in me....
We hit bottom and there was no place to look but UP
We learned to pray as a family

God heard our prayers and answered
We survived 1989....but we were changed that year.
We learned that God wants GOOD things for us everyday!!
Since surviving that year we now say......

"Good morning Lord!"
"What great things will happen today!!"
Happy New Year!!

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning my sweet friend,

I just got through having my devotions and reading your post today makes my heart sing. HE really is ALL we need. I got a new devotional that is just fantastic. It is called "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. You should definitely get it. It is like Jesus talking to you personally. It is really changing me.