Friday, October 3, 2008

St James Art Fair

The day was perfect!
If you ever get a chance to visit our great city Louisville Kentucky, the St James Art Fair would be a perfect reason to's always the first weekend in October. We have it all here, glorious parks, beautiful neighborhoods, a river park and walk, great restaurants, museums, fantastic theatre and the people are the best!!

The Conrad Caldell Home, the first house you notice when you turn the corner to the St James Art Show

Come with me for a walk around St James Court and Belgravia Court.

This red head is Cindy Sullivan, she a local news personality...does the garden stuff unusually...she's probably in her 40's..cutie. Check that mane of hair!

Great shot of the top of my head!

Lot's of street musicians..they were all very good we thought.
These were playing bluegrass

This picture gives our big town a small town feeling....

This was Dick's favorite artist I think, bless his heart!

I used this combination all the time in my gardens! Love the caladiums and the impatiens together...perfect!

Seas of people! Friday morning used to be the best time to go...not if everyone gets the same idea though! There's always room to walk and move around.

Huge fountain in the middle of the Boulevard..this is were you get some great food too! Brats are very popular...sometimes Jerry Abramson, Mayor for life, is serving them up!

It's also a great place to meet up with someone.

Loved this guys orange sweater...he's in the fall mood!

This is constant in our lives!! Dick texting someone!!!!!!! Can he give it a break at the Art Show!! Gotta pick your fights....I wasn't in the mood, text away I thought!! ;-)

What? There is always a never ending supply of artist work that makes you go...What is that?

You know if her name is Linda, she's most probably in her 50's or 60"s...

Check out the rose that hugs a corner..hmm..

Like this Tee shirt?

This sign is out front of the house below...hotsy totsy in it's day!

Sidewalk cafe with yummy food...Louisville is a dangerous place for weight's loaded with wonderful neighborhood places to eat with great chefs! We even inherited some from New Orleans after the flood...they came to find refuge and stayed. I know why! This is a wonderful place to live!

We love looking at this pond every year....they keep it perfect.

These remined me of Pearls blog...

This is where the Pumpkin Roll people always had their booth...ALWAYS!!! I start thinking about the St James Art Fair in the middle of summer...then I start dreaming about those pumpkin rolls....$10 a piece or $1 a slice...pack them in cute little orange bags....GONE!! They were not there, or anywhere....we searched and asked one knew or had a clue!! NO, No No! It couldn't be..but there is Dick looking at belts where there SHOULD be pumpkin rolls!!

Does this look like Pumpkin Rolls to you?.....geez what's a girl to do? I bought a belt of course! This guy made them to fit...I told him I expected to lose two more inches and he allowed for that..I got the black one second to the left. We decided it was okay, we needed nice belts since we lost the weight, but I'm worried about the pumpkin roll people now...did they lose electricity during the storm we had...some lost it for 2 weeks...or get tired of making the rolls?'s a mystery, but we will get to the bottom of it I'm sure!! You can't just disappear after many years!!

Goodbye St James!! See you next year!!


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

This looks fabulous! I love art fairs. Don't you hate it when you have a certain thing in your mind that you want to eat and boom you can't have it. It's as though you can just taste it and then get your hopes dashed against the rocks. I'm sorry. I have been to your city for car shows back in the 80's. I think we went through there on the way to Indianapolis in August. Maybe I'll get to see you next summer on our way up. That's neat that your honey went with you to the fair.

Krystal said...

Me and my boyfriend were looking for Pumpkin Rolls, too! We couldn't find them either and were quite upset as we too look forward to them all year. St. James art fair and pumpkin rolls are a great way to bring in the new season but now it's ruined! :( Well I did find this recipe online though, if I'm ever feeling adventurous:

Barbara said...

What a nostalgic trip for me. Thanks