Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Brad!!

December 1st 1971.....a long, long time ago I gave birth to a 10lb 10 oz
baby boy.....

I was very young when I had Brad and was so thankful he was born almost grown! ;-) The nuns at St Joseph's used Brad as the baby to show all the new mothers how to give a bath properly. Brad didn't like it one bit and neither did I! Big tears dropped down my face and his and we were very glad when the demonstration was over!!

Brad was the perfect baby...he loved to eat, almost never cried and slept the whole night from the first night home on! By the time he was 6 months old he knew when we got to the baby food isle and would start clapping his hands and rocking in a young mother I just knew if I filled the whole bottom of the cart with food that would be enough for Brad that the week.

Order was very important to Brad early on....he loved to line things up....diapers, books, cars, blocks, anything really was much better lined up in a row. He'd line them up and then stand back, hands on his hips, and just marvel at the order! ;-)

Brad, dad and I are so proud of you and love you very much! From serving our country on a Nuclear Submarine in the Navy, earning your degree and becoming principle owner of your own business's. To your ability to train and finish triathlons including the big enchilada, The Iron Man Race. We absolutely marvel at your ability to turn a 1938 craftsman style home into a beautiful showplace that looks like the front page of a Restoration Hardware Catalog. Showing no fear of ripping out load bearing walls to add custom shelves and stain glass windows, and completely redoing the mantel and fireplace. The list of your accomplishments could fill a book....maybe someday??? You are a very good writer too!!

Our buttons just about burst open with pride over your choice of a bride. That pretty girl in the picture above is Cheri...we love, love, love that girl!! Thanks for bringing her into the family.

Finally, what can we say.....making the awesome decision to adopt a little boy from Russia has to top every list. Dad and I could never imagine a life with out Sam in it...we love him dearly!! Thanks so much for your hard work, love and attention helping Sam adjust to a life here in the USA. You are a very good dad and a good provider!

Happy, happy birthday Brad! Here's to the best year yet! Love, Mom


Anonymous said...

Oh Maree, what an awesome post for your son!! He has accomplished quite a bit in his young life!! I would love to see pictures of their home, I love craftsman style homes!! When you talk to him tell him Happy Birthday from your blog friend. Oh and I almost forgot, that Sam is A D O R A B L E!!!


Brad, Cheri and Sammy said...

Thanks Mom!

Also, we picked up a santa plate and cup from Target, so scratch that from your list!

nanatrish said...

What a great post! He has accomplished so much. I know you are so proud of him. I must share with you that my daughter, Jolie, was the little model for bathing a baby for the women that had just given birth. I cried along with her, just as you did. I'll bet their home is gorgeous. Do a tour for us please. You have a wonderful family. Sam is a doll baby!