Friday, September 5, 2008

6 months...

Six months ago on March 5th 2008 I started on a journey of tracking every bite of food I ate. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have expected to have success. So far I've lost 45 pounds!!

Eat Less, move more.

I was just like this girl..funny, but sad too.

The bottom line is that I'm not only eating less and moving more, I choose much healthier foods. Love eating this way, love wearing size 12, love walking with ease, love not running out of speed, love making good choices.

It's a progression for sure. You start out not really believing, because diets have failed, nothing has worked. Slowly the weight starts coming off....I could feel it coming off. Then goals are met, victory after victories are won, I started believing. I believe!! I believe if I eat less and move more, the weight will come off. It's a fact!

If you are on the fence, jump on over! Find a good website to log in your calories., has the daily plate, with forums and groups to join. great for recipes and good groups to join. If these don't appeal to you, put in calorie counting...there are many more, I just like The Daily Plate best. They are FREE!!!!!

If you have fallen off the wagon....get back on!! We all stumble and fall.....we ALL do....we are human. Nothing is served by beating yourself up!...Nothing! There is hope, so get off the couch, get up and move!! Oh less too. ;-)

I've got 20 more pounds to go and then I'll be on maintenance the rest of my life (that's a good thing!). I'm really enjoying the journey, I'm a happy, happy girl!! It's not a dream!

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Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Congrats on your wonderful weight loss! I need to get down to a size 12. I'm a 24 and I need to get serious and make the right choices. I have been on Weight Watchers so many times and lost huge amounts of weight many times.So it's not that I don't know what to eat, it's just that I keep making the wrong choices. Saying, "poor Trish you have had a stressful day". It's so goofy and I need to get with the program. I think it's great that you made your choice and stayed with it.