Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our World, my world

Several things... one, the condition of the world...
Right is wrong, wrong is right...anything that is good, pure, and right is made fun of.

For a long time I have believed we are in the last days. Most Christians probably think that too. We don't know the hour or the day, but we are supposed to be ready and be prepared.

The storm Ike really had it's way with our town. It's so hard to see everything that has happened to our lovely neighborhoods. Huge trees uprooted, shingles blown away, dark houses because they have no electricity. 180,000 people still have no lights, including my daughter and her family. The elderly alone, those with little money having all their food spoil because they have no power, business owners losing money each day for the same reason. This is BIG. The charities, Dare to Care and churches are working as fast as they can to help, our mayor is doing his best, neighbors are helping neighbors....still I know people are falling through the cracks.

Ice has been a big commodity, rumors of vendors overcharging, plus just finding a business that has power to be able to sell the ice. Gas is about $4.15 here, there are rumors of price gouging there too, although our Governor has promised they will be found and punished. Shame.

The first night the storm hit this town was a zoo. 300,000 lost their power and they had all left their houses and had poured into every restaurant this town has to offer. Dick and I were unaware so many were without power at that time. We had decided we had enough calories to go to Wendy's and get a taco salad (without dressing ; )....big mistake. People were NOT in good moods, they were stressed to the limit. The me, me, me society was in full force, is still in force. Disturbing.

Baby boomers remember a time when the power went out when we were kids, we got the candles out that were stored for this purpose alone. We'd cookout beans, ate peanut butter sandwiches or whatever we had, listen to the transistor radio. We were usually prepared. There were no restaurants to run to. We helped our neighbors (we knew them back then, all the mothers were our mothers) and our neighbors helped us. I felt community.

I feel community from bloggers. We can encourage each other, pray for each other and share our lives and ideas. It's a very good thing!

What I'm thinking is, we need to be prepared, stay as close to God as we possibly can. Love each other, be nice, you know all the stuff we learned in kindergarten. Get back to the basics of life.

Philippians 4:8
"Finally........ whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

This is a very special post. When I read your comment I cried. That Psalm is exactly what I need right now. Please pray for me I am going through a terrible battle right now here at work and I need strength. I, too, love Beth Moore. Since I have to drive 3 hrs back and forth to work I listen to her cds and in the latest one the girl sings a song to that Psalm and it is so beautiful. I agree that we have gone through hard times and others haven't. We're older and we can remember sitting in lines at gas stations back in the early 70's. Young people don't seem to have a clue about doing without.It is going to be harder for them and I need to be patient because stress does a number on each one of us a different way. If you ever want to email me my private email is It is so comforting to know He never slumbers. He is watching out for us. luv ya, Trish

Anonymous said...

Oh Maree, I so know what you are talking about. We live in such a "what about me" society and I do believe we are in the end times. I feel a restlessness in my spirit and have had this for a couple of weeks now. That is why if this nation elects Barack Obama, we are doomed (in human thinking) but I have the hope that you have in our Lord and Savior, the battle is already won. We have to keep reminding ourselves of that.Thank you for this wonderful post and for your inspiration in getting me back on the wagon.