Monday, September 1, 2008

It is finished!!

What a day! Brad got up very early, looking great, and got ready for the race. His dad and brother Rich left with him to go downtown at 5am. Anticipation..........

My Boys...

The rest of us left a hour or so later....what sites we saw!! The river was beautiful, the sun was bright and anticipation and excitement everywhere! Over 2,000 Ironman and women wanna be's all lined up waiting to jump into the Ohio River. I wouldn't want to put my big toe in there....they were not only jumping in, but swimming strongly toward the island they would swim around and head back, making it a 2.4 mile trip.

Brad looked great after the swim. We were in awe. That alone would be enough for us. Nothing like looking down the river and seeing all those heads bobbing up and down....serious stuff here! Brad got on his bike and headed off for the 112 mile ride in 90 degree weather. We left for Lagrange, a town 38 miles away to set up our support team there. Cheri, his wife, had a bag full of bells, clappers and pom-poms....this girl was ready!

Brad looked awesome when he road by. He's a HUGE UofL fan and had on a really sharp black, red and white shirt.....Yea Brad! Woo-Daddy....we were so happy to see him and everyone, especially Cheri felt a little better. We got to see him once again and then headed home to get some rest...the complete opposite of what Brad was doing .....but we wanted all our oars in the water when he came in. We prayed and waited.

My son Rich couldn't stand it and went out to find him. Brad had just started the 26 mile marathon portion about 2 miles into it found him and walked with him a while.

We headed down to Fourth Street Live where the runners would be finishing to be there to cheer them on and wait for Brad. At one point Dick and Rich couldn't stand it anymore, I heard a rebel yell and they said they were going to go find him and run with him in......and BRING HIM HOME!!!

When they found him he was power walking...his body had enough, but he wouldn't quit...he made it this far he was going to finish the race...NO MATTER WHAT. Thanks to them going to meet him, we then could talk to them to find out where he was and when he would be crossing the finish.

There were 17 of us and we all headed to different spots to cheer him on. Melissa headed to behind the finish line to get those precious pictures. Cheri and her fam waited near the lights near the front of the finish line. I headed way down the street to the beginning of channel to run though the Finish marker. Dick and Rich were with him till that point.

I got the call...your boy is coming .....he made it, he's made it! Then I saw him, he made it, he made it, good Lord he made it! "Brad, Brad ", I called. "You can do it Brad", I yelled. "Don't think he heard a word...his eyes were on that finish line and he was in pain, pain, big time pain.

I'm going to write more later when I have time to dwell on it a bit, but for now here's a few pictures....

Sam having so much fun waiting for Daddy to finish with cousin Leah.

Cheri and Sam straining to see where he is!

He's an IRONMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

Going to get an IV to get some precious fluids back into his worn out body.

Thankfully Brad recovered and other than some very tight calf muscles and a few aches and pains he is still in one piece.
We are very proud of you Brad, 2.4 miles in the water, 112 mile bike ride, 26 mile run.... going where few men have traveled and living to tell about it!

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