Monday, September 15, 2008

I learn something new just about everyday.......

I talked before about a new electric tooth brush my dentist suggested, you can see about it here.

I had an appointment a week ago for him to teach me how to brush my teeth. The visit cost $125 which insurance didn't cover.

To make myself feel better about paying that much to get a lesson on teeth brushing, I'm going to share!

Here's the sure fire way to stop tartar and plak dead in their tracts.

1.Use your electric toothbrush first without paste just water. Let the motor of the electric brush do the work. Angle the brush 45 degrees toward your gums and with soft pressure work on each quadrant of your teeth for about 30 seconds per area, front, back, tops. It takes some work to get rid of the tartar, but feels so much better, like when you leave the dentist after a cleaning.

#2. Floss your teeth with Gum expanding floss.
Take the floss as far down the tooth as you can, then make a "C" with
the floss around the tooth and bring it up the tooth. Don't take the
floss straight down the tooth and back.
It doesn't get the tartar under
the tooth line.

#3. Brush your teeth with tooth paste very well, make sure to brush your tongue as far back as you can stand to do it.

My dentist suggested using an Oral B soft
Full Head Straight, Soft Toothbrush.

I used the gum re-coat to practice getting the tartar off. It's great and I'm glad I learned this trick.

Do this once a day and then just brush as usual.

There, I feel better!

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Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Thank you for sharing the lesson. They charged you $125. for the lesson. Wow. They must make a ton of money. Sometimes I wonder what we did before electric toothbrushes.