Friday, September 26, 2008

Potassium helps flush sodium out of the body...

My friend Charlotte and I were discussing over
e-mails about vitamins and she mentioned she was usually low on potassium. I knew bananas were a good source of potassium, but not much more than that.

I started researching and found some eye opening information. You can check here for the whole article at WEBMD.

Bottom line is, diets that provide potassium help flush sodium from your body and may reduce your risk of high blood pressure and stroke. The article says we need 4700mg of potassium a day. I've also heard that a diet rich in potassium helps with cramping.

Since I tend to retain water, so I try to keep sodium to 2300mg a day, which I can usually manage, but this is great news to me...maybe you already knew this, but if you are like me and didn't, below are some potassium-rich foods that you might like.

This is a limited list from webmd, there are many more foods rich in potassium that are not listed here. Try this web site too.
350mg 500mg potassium

Promise SuperShots for blood pressure (3 oz)
Orange juice (6 oz)
Banana (6"-7")
Pork loin, center rib bone-in, separable lean, roasted (3 oz)
Carrots (1 cup)
Milk, nonfat, vitamin A added (1 cup)
Dried apricots (10 halves)
Turkey, no skin, roasted (1 cup)
Cod fish, pacific cooked 15192 (3 oz)
Broccoli, boiled, drained (1 cup)


Tomatoes, canned, stewed (1 cup)
Baked sweet potato with skin (2"x5" raw)
Lima beans (1 cup)
Kidney beans, canned (1 cup)
Carrot juice (1 cup)
Baked sweet potato with skin (2"x5" raw)
Pumpkin, boiled, mashed (1 cup)
Plain nonfat yogurt (8 oz)
Salmon, dry heat (1/2 fillet)
Black beans, boiled (1 cup)


Kidney beans, canned (1 cup)
Carrot juice (1 cup)
Prune juice (1 cup)
Split peas (1 cup)
Plantains, cooked (1 cup) .......really great! My beloved Cuban food is on here!!
Papaya, raw medium (5 1/8" x 3")
Cooked spinach (1 cup)
Halibut (1/2 fillet)
Baked potato with skin (large)
White beans, canned (1 cup)


Pearl said...

Oh Thank You So Much... I was so tickled to see alot of foods that we currently enjoy on the lists you posted. I have bookmarked the suggested web sites and will be certain to read them. I really enjoy posts where us bloggers pass along health-tips we've learned... it's so important and I thank you for sharing! Enjoy the weekend... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Very interesting post. I need to flush some sodium from my bod. You always have such educational posts.

Anonymous said...

Also LOW SODIUM V 8 is great. An 8 oz serving has a whopping 820 mg (23% dv) with only minimal sodium (140 mg 6% dv)

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suzan said...

nice article about potassium...very informative and beneficial for me..thanks