Saturday, September 13, 2008

Breakfast...The foundation of the day!

Start your day on a solid rock, begin with a good breakfast!

We all know that breakfast helps keep your waistline trim, but here’s more proof.....

In a recent study, researchers found that people who ate breakfast took in 5% fewer calories over the course of the day. That’s only about 100 calories (if you typically eat the 2,000 calories per day recommended for adult women), but, over time, it adds up. Saving 100 calories a day for one year equals a loss of more than 10 pounds.

Experts estimate most of us eat 20% of our daily calories at breakfast, 30 percent at lunch, and 50 percent at dinner. Seems 30% at breakfast might be a better thing to do.

If you can’t stomach a bigger breakfast (keep it healthy with a combo of low-fat protein, whole grains, and fruit or veggies), get a mid morning snack (a container of yogurt, some fruit with a few whole-grain crackers, or half a sandwich).

No time for this?? Me neither!

Here's a few grab and go options......

  • Apple, banana's, grapes, pears or any fruit that won't drip down the front of you!

  • Bagels w/low fat cream cheese and turkey bacon

  • Low-Fat muffins ( I love Panera's low-fat blueberry muffin)

  • Fiber One Bars or Kashi bars

  • Natural peanut butter on wheat bread

  • Stuff half a whole-wheat pita with 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese and sliced
    peaches, pears or banana's

  • Top a cinnamon raisin bagel with low fat cream cheese and thin apple slices

  • Breakfast-in-a-Baggie --Select a handful of whole grain low-sugar cereal. Mix with nuts and chopped dried fruit. Place in a snack-size zip-lock bag.

    I'm hungry when I wake up...but I understand if you are not. You should, as soon as you could, eat some yogurt or grab a few ounces of turkey or fruit. Give your body a you will not be so hungry at lunch you grab anything and start a chain reaction of bad choices.

  • Mindless eating gets us all in trouble, if you want to get healthy, you need to give it some thought and plan ahead. There are those times we get way too busy and that's when we need some go-to options. We keep fruit, Kashi and Fiber One bars on hand for those times....then we are never tempted to stop for fast food.....never a good breakfast choice, save them for lunch and dinner when they have better foods to choose from.

    Dick and I love breakfast!! Cascadian Organic Granola (Target, Walmart) is our summer favorite, with fresh blue berries. In the winter we love oatmeal with splenda brown sugar just about everyday, we are creatures of habit. We always have some Bigelow Earl Grey Green Tea too...yum!! Those Thomas 100 calorie english muffins with Brummel and Brown butter and some whole fruit jam are out of sight good. Any low-fat yogurt too.

    Hope this helps Nana Trish, maybe others could leave their "grab and go" breakfast ideas too!


    Anonymous said...

    Hi Maree,
    I am so excited. I went grocery shopping today and got all my goodies for the week. My SIL in Tennessee is doing it with me. Thanks so much for all your encouragement. Next step, I have got to get out there and walk.


    Maree said...

    Yep, walking is key. I'm so happy for you! You will not believe how great you will begin to feel! Plus, in no time at all it's second nature and you'll be thinking like me...what took me so long! Blessings!

    The McDonalds said...

    I have a good recipe for crustless quiche and I use egg beaters instead of eggs and add whatever veggies I want. This week I put spinach, mushrooms and onions in it. Yummy and then I have breakfast ready for the week and just cut a slice off in the morning and eat with some cantaloupe. The baby likes it too!

    Rob said...
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    Maree said...

    Awesome Melissa! Charlotte said you are doing great feeling good and losing weight!

    I'm going to try that quiche...that would be great with a salad for dinner too.

    Give that precious baby a hug for me..she is so beautiful!

    sara said...

    Those #s are startling! 10# in one year? I have heard that hand washing dishes instead of using a dishwasher also helps keep OFF 10# a year.....