Friday, September 19, 2008

Ghost Town

Cute movie!

Dick and I saw this tonight...laugh out loud naked people..little bit of cussing...otherwise cute stuff with a moral.

We celebrated tonight, I bought size 10 today, appropriately we celebrated by eating!! ;-) We absolutely love Havana Rumba. The black beans and rice, cuban bread, skirted steak, grilled grouper, tres leche cake, cuban coffee....we can die now! I'll worry about the calories tomorrow!! Today, life was good!

Sissy got electricity!!! We loved having them here, but there's nothing like your own bed!! 89,000 still don't have power as of Friday afternoon...God Bless them!!


Anonymous said...

Girl, I will celebrate for you too!!! Woohoo!! A size 10, I haven't seen a size 10 since I was 10!! I will celebrate by staying on my plan cuz it feels soooo good!!


Pearl said...

Hi Maree... Congratulations on your size 10! How exciting for you!

I wanted to thank you for your blessings during my recent health problems. Though we have never met, and it was your first visit to my blog-home, you still left a sweet and encouraging comment... I'm so grateful for your kindness.

I was tickled to hear what your Mom's name was! Sooo pretty! Pearl is my nic-name... I love it!

I sure do hope you'll be able to come back for more visits... I've recently started a mini-series of posts of Vintage Eye Candy ~ Vintage Halloween post cards! I enjoy the old art and the creativity that is found on those old cards... I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog and plan on coming back many times! Hope your weekend is going well... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


itcbeth said...

Size 10!!!!!! Wow, that is wonderful. You go girl!!!!!