Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time to think about it..

Last night at dinner Dick and I talked about me not being able to buy the size 10 pants. For the longest time I'd have just loved to be a size 14, really.

My doctor used to say, Maree, just get under 200 pounds....wouldn't I just love to!! Tell me how, I've tried everything! I could get to 218 and that was that!! I was always the biggest gal in the pictures...but that picture when I was bigger than Dick...just couldn't take it any more.

So back to the pants thing....I've been a size 16/18 for 20 + years. Now only six months later, I can fit into 10' magic pills, no surgery, no gimmicks. Just daily logging in my calories, trying to make better choices, exercising everday, nothing I can't do for the rest of my life. Every ten days or so we go to a favorite restaurant and enjoy...but day in and day out....I stay around 1500 calories. I'm never hungry. When I hit goal, I will be able to eat over 2000 calories a day...that seems like a lot and I'll deal with that later. For today...I'm not going to worry about's just going to take some precious time!


Charlotte said...

I'm not a psychiatrist but I do have 2 cents to contribute. Size 10 is a number. For some people it means they are wearing a bigger size and to some it means they are wearing a smaller size. I think how many pounds you have lost is a better number to concentrate on. I might be able to lose as many pounds as you have but not wear the same size clothes you do. Wasn't Marilyn Monroe a 12 - or even a 14?? I didn't think I would feel like I do at 60 - and that's just a number. So take a minute and think about which is more important to you - that you are in a size 10 or that you look so good the way you are. I am so proud of you and how you have stayed firm with your wish of being healthier. Through your willingness to stay focused and through prayer you have held firm!! and made a difference in not only your life but many of the lives around you - even mine!! Melissa and I are working so hard to keep up with you. She has lost 13 pounds and I've lost 6 and we are moving ahead. We keep each other accountable and Martina is here to help us both. Of course The Daily Plate is the way we keep on track.
Keep up the good work girl!!

Anonymous said...

You are to be commended because it is hard. I too struggle as I told you earlier. I too am a 16-18 and really would just love to be a 14 again. I've got to get back in the game. Congrats really cuz you deserve it.


P.S. Did you make up your own regimen?? I would love your ideas.

sara said...

Buy the pants, baby!!!! You are looking so good these days!!! China is beckoning you :)

Maree said...

You guys are great!..Thanks! I needed that!!

Brad, Cheri and Sammy said...

yea mom!!

Anonymous said...

Go get the 10's...the 12's are baggy on you, I just saw ya. Accept it. :)

I'm so proud of your committment to making a healthy way of life a reality. Don't buy too many 10's, next is 8's.

Love ya!