Thursday, December 11, 2008

I always thought you had to starve yourself to loose weight or give up good food....NOT SO!!! Here's some good fast food choices...

My favorite fast food is Panera Bread .....hands down! The only issue I have would be the high sodium levels in most of their food. Their website contains all the nutritional info you need to make the right choice.

My Go-to choice there right now is the Tortilla Soup. A large bowl and whole wheat baguette is under 400 calories and fills me up.

Dick however, needs more food and usually gets the pick two...half soup, half sandwich...he tries to get the apple side but most of the time he gets the baguette.....we love bread!! I'd stay with a salad & baguette or apple, pick two or soup and baguette or apple. A sandwich alone at Panera can run 800-1000 calories...not worth it.

That's why the Adkins diet never worked out for us.

Love Chick fil A....used to always have the #1 and now that I know ashamed sometimes we got a shake or lemon pie too...not anymore! We get the grilled chicken club (380 cal) and a side salad. It's really good! ...sometimes I get the grilled chicken salad. If we have extra calories left, we get a small dream cone (160 cal). Their website has a great restaurant lead us to a Chick fil A in Beckley West Virginia on our last trip...right to it!

Jared had success here and so have Dick and I! Our friends Tom and Carla eat lunch here everyday and have lost a ton of weight...they are on Weight Watchers. Anything on the 6 grams or less menu, their favorite is the club. WE LOVE SUBWAY!

Get wheat and have them toast it ...yum!! We like the sweet onion sauce..40 calories and always add cheese and load on the veggies.

We love Wendy's Chili's low in calories

(small is 190 cal)


Pair it with a side , we really like the baked potato with whipped butter and chives.

Bottom line there are lots of great food choices at Fast Food Restaurants now.....if you get!

Don't forget, if you need a "little" something else....
McDonald's Ice Cream Cone.....

Low-fat 150 calories...;-)

Note* If you want to have your heart blessed, go to my friend Sara's Blog ASAP! They are in China and having a great trip.
Merry Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Great post Maree...I just made cutout cookies to take to my parents and in-laws but I don't want any....Praise God!!


nanatrish said...

Thank you so much for the tips. I need all of them I can get. I enjoy the Subway stuff too. I must try the Panera soup. I think you have mentioned it before and it sounds good.