Monday, December 1, 2008

Tagged...Seven random things about me....

My dear friend LeAnn tagged me....Oh dear...this may hurt a goes!

1. I'm a PK, that's preachers kid some that means we were "the wild ones"...I was, maybe still am...don't temp me!! ;-)

2. I was in choir and orchestra in school...that meant I didn't have the time to take's haunted me my whole life as I am typing with 2 fingers as we speak.

3. This one is for you LeAnn....I met my husband in a bar, Peter O's (remember I'm a PK) in July 1977, we got married 7 months later in Feb 1978. Years later we were at a Valentines dinner at a Baptist Church we were members of. Everyone was telling great stories how they met .....wonderful stories....we were mum. My friend Susan finally leaned over, nudged me and whispered in my ear,"Met in a bar? Didn't you?"....geez...

4. In the 70's I owned a plant store on Bardstown Road in Louisville KY. At the time, it was the Hippie shoes, falafels and peace stuff. I however, was never a hippie...I had disco fever and fluffy hair.

5. Somehow in the 80's I learned how to make a bow and couldn't stop making them, so I started a craft business selling dried flower wreaths, baskets, hats and was called Angel's and Such. Eventually I started making angels and carolers....millions of them!

6. I used to be up to my eyeballs in the Garden Club...Secretary to the Council, Treasurer to the Council, Treasurer of the Home and Garden Tour for 3 terms and then finally President of a Garden Club......whew!! I escaped....shhhh!! Don't tell them where I am!

7. I love clean clothes!! Can't wait to gather dirty ones up...separate and load. I'll get up early if we are leaving on a trip to do a load so we don't come home to dirty's sick!! Could be worse I guess ;-)

Randomnessing is now to pick 7 more to tell 7 random things about themselves and pass it on to 7 more....I pick....

1. Trish from "Nana Living the Dream"

2. Deena from "Can I be Pretty in Pink"

3. Pearl from "Pearl's Sentimental Journey"

4. Katherine from "The Yellow Rose Arbor"

5. Felicia from " The Fleur de lis Cottage"

6. Lynn from " Proverbial Pilgrimage "

7. Renie From "Renie Burghardts World"

It takes some time, but really takes your mind off the world and on to much more pleasant things! Random things can be fun!

Thanks LeAnn!! ;-)

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Pearl said...

Hi Maree... Sure did enjoy this post, and learning more exciting things about you! I promise not to tell anyone where you're "hiding" ~ teee-heeee! Thanks for thinking of me when making your "Tag" List... I'll try to come up with a few non-boring tidbits, soon... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~