Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving memories...

Our trip to Virginia was short but sweet....Dick and I always have such a good time at Brad and Cheri's....now with Sam there it's harder and harder to leave.

Here's a few pictures of our Thanksgiving in Virginia.

When we got there Cheri was cooking away...the house smelled awesome!! There's turkey in the oven...the best I've ever tasted...really moist.

Brad and Cheri completely renovated the kitchen...it's perfect!

Sharing a moment...

While Momma was busy cooking Sam and I were watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the kitchen.

He loved every minute of it!

I loved every minute watching him!

Pop and Sam put together a pirate ship Aunt Melissa sent...Sam still watching and talking about the parade...

Brad getting the table ready...everything looked so nice!

There used to be a load bearing wall behind him.....they built places to sit with shelves on the opposite side. Cheri is trying to decide on cushions.

Brad and Cheri completely renovated the fireplace adding shelves, paneling and tiles.

Brad is very tall...6'3 or so.

Sam getting a little something to tide him over till it was time to eat Turkey!!

Aunt Toni brought a yummy cheese ball....they said it's good for breakfast too!

Cute, cute, cute!!

Brad is sitting where there used to be a wall....they did all the work themselves....very cool!

Love this picture of the fam....resting after the Big Turkey Day

This may be my favorite....Sam loves to read...Momma makes it fun!

Sam absolutely loved the puzzles cousin Leah sent...he loves Leah a lot!!

Sam has all the patience in the world to work puzzles.....and he's very good at it!

Sam working his new puzzle with his new jacket on.

Morning after, Pop and Sam make pancakes...Pops specialty.

All the girls left the house while it was still dark to experience day after Thanksgiving shopping.

It was fun hanging out with Cheri's Mom Karen, Aunt Toni and cousin Nikki....they are all so very nice!


Me and Sam hanging out together.

(Good view of the fireplace)

I love that boy!!!!

Thank you Cheri, Brad and Sam for such a great holiday!! Dad and I will have many wonderful memories for years to come of this Thanksgiving.


Pearl said...

Hi Maree... I loved seeing 'n hearing all about your Thanksgiving Holiday... Such a beautiful family... and that Sam, oh my... what a Cutie~Patootie he is! So glad that your trip was wonderful and safe... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Simply Dandy said...

I have so much to say from this post I should just call ya...hehe!!
Love their home, beautiful kitchen...love her style. Sam, well you know how I feel about Sam, what a DOLL!! And you my friend are GORGEOUS!! You look wonderful. I am so happy to have found you my sweet blog friend. I told hubby someday I might just drive to Louisville and we can spend a couple days together shopping. Oh that could be so dangerous!!! Have a blessed day.
God is soooooooo good!!


sara said...

Your Sam's curls make me want to ruffle them sooo badly!!!!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

What a fabulous looking Thanksgiving! I love their house. Sam is such a sweetie. He always looks so happy. Girl...you look like a teenager. You must feel wonderful. Would you please post a picture of your former self? I would like to see how you used to look. My picture on Choices R Mine looks like I am a stuffed piggy. I am so embarassed. It makes me look old and so goofy. Thank you for helping me get it back together. I have a long road, but it's all one day at a time with the Lord's help.