Saturday, December 6, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Leah came over last night, Mommy and Daddy had a Company Christmas dinner and play....A Christmas Carol at Actors Theatre...lucky ducks!

I was a lucky duck too! Leah and I have so much FUN together!! We decided to go to Panera to eat, she LOVES their chicken noodle soup....loves it! I hurried to get my shoes on and get her coat all zipped was like 27 degrees last night. I put on a scarf and she wanted she borrowed one of mine....sure wish I had a picture of that...cute stuff.

Wish I had noticed this when I left the house...but I didn't.

Panera was packed and bustling....we stood in a long line waiting to place our order. Note* Leah is Asian...I am not....whenever we are out, people always watch us, and some go out of their way to say something about how darling she is, we don't mind...ever! Leah is very friendly. Plus, she looked so cute last night, red polka dotted leggings and red sparkly shoes with a cute red bow .....sure wish I had a picture of that!

I had planned to take a few pictures of her last night in front of the Christmas tree etc....sure wish I brand new cameras battery ran out the minute she got to my house!! Shoot!!!

Dick got home around 9pm from Nashville and was able to snap a picture of our hair....I did hers and she did mine....she also put makeup on me...blush makes a girl feel so much better!

Lovely, don't you think! ;-)

Pop snapped's a little blurry, but all I have!! In this picture are some of her favorite ipod, computer playing holiday clips on YouTube, her favorite candy and Drumstick ice cream (with 2 spoons!)......fairy nightgown (I gave it to her last year and it's good thing I got her another one this year for one of her Christmas presents..Melissa said she has washed it over and over)

So really...who cares that Gramma's shoes didn't match, and the camera didn't work...It's the great TIME we spent together that really counts!!

Look at that face! I love, love, love you baby girl!!


Anonymous said...

Maree, last weekend Wade and I went out to run errands and I have two pair of high heeled boots, 1 very dark brown and one pair of black...guess what I did!! I looked down and said to Wade... look at my feet do you notice anything? Yep you guessed it...I did the same thing. Too funny!

Leah is A D O R A B L E !!! Your hair is smashing.


Jodee Leader said...

Maree -- You are such a fun Grandma! It looks like Leah had a great time with you! My kids agree -- Grandparents rock!

I recently wore two different color shoes to a hockey game so don't feel too bad! I don't think anyone noticed!

Maree said...

Thanks for making me feel better!

I just have to wonder how many people got a laugh at Panera that night! ;-)

SweetAnnee said...

LOL, been there done that AT WORK
omg ..toofunny
I see it didn't spoil your fun
and that is ONE sweeeeeeet face.
love ya

Anonymous said...

That's funny! I love, love, love that baby girl and that precious face. Thank you for having a date with our girl.