Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This whole get healthy thing....

Remember, in the beginning of this journey I had been on so many diets and

failed so many times, I'd given up

...look at that video of me in China, I was BIG!

Dick and I went to the gym 3 days a week and walked the days we didn't.....and we were still FAT.

I had just accepted I was going to be a size 16/18 the rest of my life.

I resisted going on another diet when Melissa told me about .

Finally I thought.....what have I got to loose?

Come to find out.....a lot!

Really struggled when I first started the daily plate.

I started believing in it makes sense!!

Control calories by logging in what you eat.

Honestly..every bite

Make better food choices...slowly sometimes, painfully....I got it!

Dick and I stopped eating out all the time. If we did decide to eat out, we only went to places that we could find out the calorie count.

There were plenty of birthday parties and events thrown in there too.

We did the best we could in those situations and

forgave ourselves if we messed up.

We still lost weight!!

Home should be a safe place basically free of empty calorie foods.

Find snacks that work for you or low calorie...a serving of little pretzels can help when you need salty, rice cakes come in lots of favors and you can top them with natural peanut butter, apples, oranges, banana's, yogurt.

Scream, yell, fuss and fight...get it out!!
It's not fair!!
Some people don't have to worry about anything they eat.
Some of us have the genes that predestined us to have to exercise and watch our calories what!!
Doing the RIGHT thing is not easy sometimes
....but if we do the right thing enough becomes second nature!!!!

Sorry didn't mean to yell ;-)

I've been doing this since March 08, 2008
It gets does. I promise.
I will always measure my food...
the food scale is on the counter.
I'm in recovery......
This is my life.
I will always remember and be grateful...always!!!

Finally, this is God's world, everything is HIS...
Lay your burdens down.
You can't do this without HIM....when we are weak,
HE is strong.
My life is NOT a bowl full of cherries...
...times are hard.
I can't do this alone
Jesus is my strength and my constant help in times of trouble.
I keep this song in my head most of the time, thought I'd share it as a devotion

Steven Curtis Chapman singing Yours


Anonymous said...

Was that for me??? It's like you are in my head this morning:)


Maree said...

Maybe a little bit!;-) You are not I need to say it...I've been there! Still there! Makes me mad sometimes I can't eat what I want!

Don't want to do what Oprah's done!! She has millions and still can't get her head around can't eat anything you to have bounderies!!

Love you!