Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If you need some daily motivation...

I know I do! While waiting in the Opthamologist office yesterday I read a Health magazine...great articles.

There was an article about cucumbers in water being a diuretic...Spa's use it all the time...why don't we??

I tend to retain water, so I'm always watching sodium and try and keep it below 2400mg. Still...if drinking water refreshed with cucumber could help......I'm doing it! Some people add lemons and oranges too. Evidently it helps your skin too.

Since Dick and I started eating more fruits and vegetables I've noticed an improvement in our skin for the better.

Diuretic properties
The cucumber is a natural
diuretic which is used in the fitness world by bodybuilders and people trying to reduce their weight.

While searching for the article on Health I found this one...great ideas...not that I WANT to be as thin as Cameron Diaz ;-).......but this is a fun article with some great ideas.


Lorie said...

I'm going to try this- I'm wanting to follow your example for better health in 2009-its the year I turn 50.And I hope to lose at least 50 like you did. I'll probably be talking to you more about that!
Love ya,Lorie
My email address is ljvital@bellsouth.net
drop me an email sometime-so we can correspond if you don't mind!

Jodee Leader said...

Thanks for the tip! I must try this out!

Anonymous said...

You know what else I heard...this is for flavor for people who have a hard time getting their daily water in.....fill up a pitcher with water and add a vanilla bean and some orange slices, they say it is delicious. I haven't done this yet but I am going to try it.

I am going back and read that article. Thanks.


nanatrish said...

Of course, I'm going to try this. Maree says she eats Pepperidge Farm crackers...Trish goes and buys them. I count them out and have only 6. Before I would have chowed down on most of the box with cream cheese. I have been following your suggestions and 8 lbs have gone away in two weeks. Hooray!In years past water was always a winner to loose. Of course, get ready to run to the potty. Let's face it....the fat has to go somewhere and down the toilet is a wonderful place for it. My doctor just asked me today how I was losing my weight. I told her that I was just making better choices. I don't want to call it a diet because over years and years it has made me feel deprived. So now I am just making the choices I know I need to. I've been to WW 20 times (first time in 1968) and I know how to lose weight, I just had to get my mind in the right place and I am so thankful for my friend, Maree. You have helped me on my road to being healthier. This is truly a ministry for me and it sounds like others. luv ya, Trish

nanatrish said...

I forgot to tell Lorie that in 2009 I will turn 60 so I have to get my self together. I will go visit her blog. Maree, please keep the suggestions coming. We appreciate it!!!!!!!