Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thoughts on my weight loss journey so far...

Twice Melissa has given me some of her clothes that have become to big for her and she'll say, "Just see if you can get a leg in them, that way you can see your progress." I always look wide eyed at her and imagine, is there a chance of me getting into 10's or 12's." Then I believe, there is a chance. Why not!!! Go for it!!

I was wearing mostly "16" and "extra large". My old reasoning was just to get into a 14....that would have been heaven to me!! Well, last night I got two legs into a pair of Sissy's pants. Oh my goodness!!!! She was right, I will get into 10's and 12's, wow!!

For the most part I have really enjoyed eating right and exercising. I just needed a plan and to make goals and stick to them. I've survived two weddings, several birthdays, lots of restaurant trips. I can do this for the rest of my life and really enjoy it, really!!

I've hit several plateaus, times when you are eating right, exercising and the scales stay the same, don't move even an ounce. The first one was 20 pounds into it. I panicked and fretted, didn't turn back to food, but got advice from two friends I had made at the www.thedailyplate.com who had both lost 80 pounds each. They both said, "no big deal, adjust something your doing, keep at it. It happens.

One time I hit a plateau I had not been eating enough. I upped my calories 200 a day and the weight loss started again. The next time we added another mile to our walk, another I adjusted sodium and fiber. Right now I'm losing about 2lbs a week,

Everyone is different, you have to find what is right for you, but plateaus go away just as easy as they come on. Our bodies are really amazing. If we stop eating enough, our bodies slow the metabolism down to adjust, to save our lives! Sometimes we need to chill out and back off ......let the body do it's thing.

Soon I will be posting a picture of my progress, Dick's too. It's a glorious journey and we are having so much fun on it!!


Felicia said...

Boy, I needed your post. I've lost 7lbs. and fill like I've hit a little plateau. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to keep at it.

Felicia said...

Funny! Just noticed on my post above I meant to write feel and wrote fill. That must have been freudian. LOL!