Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's not an accident....

If you stumbled across my blog, you have a few pounds you want to lose, and are frustrated and tired of nothing ever working.

Been there, done the ticket!! I want to tell you there is hope!

When I stepped on the scales today....still not an easy thing to do..... I realized I'm only 12 pounds from my goal weight!!!! Not 65 pounds to lose anymore....just 12!!

By logging in my calories everyday at , a FREE website, keeping my eye on the in, day out....with the Lord's help...I've lost 53 pounds!

If I can do can too! The reason I started blogging was to spread the don't have to spend a have everything you need to succeed at weight loss right there within just need a few tools. Knowledge is power. Start by simply logging EVERYTHING you eat....slowly you will see...oh, that's why I gained the weight! Portion control, choices, exercise...the weight WILL come off! I promise!!

Make the commitment, pray about it.....lay your burdens down....ask God to move that mountain and it shall be moved!!

I'll help you any way I can....Blessings! Maree


Lorie said...

I need this!!!
I lost thirty pounds last year and gained almost all of it back. You can't use fad diets to lose weight because when you stop it comes back.I am interested in this!
Thanks for coming by and leaving sweet comments!
Have a blessed weekend and I'm already sure coming to your "home"
will bless me!

SweetAnnee said...

Ok ..I am going to do it..NOW
thank you so!!


itcbeth said...

Maree, great post. Being overweight and trying to lose it is such a personal thing. Thanks for sharing your struggle and your insights that the Lord has shown to you.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

You look wonderful and I need to visit that site! I am going to have to go to a cardiologist and I'm sure losing weight will be one of the first things he tells me. You look so young!!!!