Thursday, October 2, 2008

New favorite things.....


Skinny Vanilla Latte
Made with Starbucks signature Espresso Roast, freshly steamed milk, and one of our delicious sugar-free flavored syrups (vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, cinnamon dolce or new mocha)and topped with creamy foam.

90 calories for a tall
130 calories for a grande

Panera's hazelnut creme coffee

5 calories a cup, but I add milk.


At home we like Millstone Hazelnut Cream

Funny thing is, neither Dick
nor I are big coffee drinkers

maybe we are evolving!

One more thing I'm loving!!

To wear while I'm drinking the this from Anne Taylor Loft. Love that store!! If you are curvy like me...try the Julie pants, they are so comfortable!!


Simply Dandy said...

Hi Maree..
I love the Dunkin Donuts coffee in the French Vanilla flavor and then I add Coffeemate fat free plain creamer. I am having a delicious cup right now. Now as for Panera....we have our Panera trained..I am addicted to the Icey Caramels...just a little bit of frappe and skim whip cream...only 2 points for WW. Super delicious!! Although I am too chilly today to have one but they are really a treat. I think Starbucks has some great ones too. I usually get their blended light frappucinos in the java chip. Sorry this was so long but I am a coffee lover so I had to answer it.


nanatrish said...

I also am a coffee lover! I must try the skinny lattes at Starbucks. I don't see many Paneras around here. I need to really get back to lots and lots of water.

Welcome to our journey... said...

Oh my favorite treat is a Mocha Frappachino Lite at Starbucks. They use nonfat milk, sugar free syrup and no whip cream....but it is SO yummy....although it's about that time to switch to hot beverages. I'm loving the Tazo Zen tea these days.

Mindy said...

I love your Ann Taylor argyle sweater. I never would have thought to wear a black top underneath it. It looks great on you!