Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weight loss stressing you out?

After being on for a couple of months I hit a plateau. I started the "worry about it syndrome"..... oh dear, I thought, please don't let this be like every other diet I've tried.

I've hit three plateaus. First time, got my sodium in check, try to stay around 2300mg (that's still hard for me!). Second time, wasn't eating enough, so I added 200 calories a day. (you have to eat to lose!). Third time, added another mile to my walk. Still losing the weight, and happy with where I am right now! ;-)

The main thing is to not stress out, it does no good anyway! Just change something you are doing. One big difference for me this time, was using a website with lots of other people doing the exact thing I was doing......many groups and forums. Searching through them helped find solutions. Making on-line friends who had succeeded and lost the weight were so helpful with advice they offered me. I am eternally grateful.

Another thing that helped me was Although I don't use that web site to log in calories, the free advice you can receive, plus wonderful recipes to use are unbeatable. Got an e-mail the other day from them with a quiz you can take about "Is weight loss stressing you out?", you can take the test it here.

We are so hard on ourselves and so good at beating ourselves up. This is not the time to do that, or the reason. Give yourself a big hug and a atta girl (or guy). If you messed big deal...get up, brush yourself off and start all over again.

Today is a new day!

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