Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All the little Do's..

  • In the past 4 or so months I've come up with some points to help us change our lives for the better. Dick and I have in our lives unusual stresses, during this time we have not turned to food as we might have done in the past. We take a walk, talk, have some hot tea, pray. Food is not a cure for a problem.

    For Dick it's cookies, for me, maybe something smooth and creamy. As weight has come off, we have been facing some of the issues of why we had put the weight on in the first place. It's all good, the work is so worth it, and very necessary. We never want to go back...only forward, so here are our Do's

    Do make a plan, set a goal, "someday" is today. If you have a lot to lose, set small goals and reset as you go along.
  • Do start out slow, little changes can really add up.
  • Do journal, it's very powerful.
  • Do exercise, anything just do something!
  • Do forgive yourself if you fall off the wagon. It takes a while to get bike riding down or driving a car, why should this be any different? Try, try again, but don't ever give up!
  • Do track your progress, take your weight in the beginning and your measurements, Dick weighs everyday, I weigh myself every Thursday morning.
  • Do reward yourself, I'll never forget going to shop for a suit and the sales girl bringing me a size "large" shirt and size 14 pants. I told her, "no way!", she said, "way!" They fit!!! I'd been a extra large, size 16-18 for 20+ years!!
  • Do get some support, mine is my family (especially Melissa and Dick), and www.thedailyplate.com
  • Do make a commitment to change your lifestyle for the good.
  • Do remember you can do this, you really, really can!
  • Do have fun, laugh, sing and play.

I'm sure I've left things out or there might be some things you have done that you can share. Eating right, exercise, positive attitudes feels so right, so good!


sara said...

You are so encouraging. Please don't go away!! Your words really help me get out of bed in the morning & go & run. Seeing Melissa's excitement and her joy in finding herself in health really motivated me too! When I think of popping a few donuts down, i think of you girls!

Maree said...

Thanks so much! If "we" can do this...anyone can! Honest!