Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's a magical time, words out of the mouth of my baby...

Last night while we were on our walk I asked Dick to describe how losing 25lbs felt to him....he said, "it's magical". He's nearing the point where you see 199lb on the scales, he's at 202. Clothes are starting to fall off of him. Belts are the worst since he carried excess weight in the stomach area. Yesterday I finally got him to shop for a few things, pants size 36 inches, that's what size he was when we first got married 30 years ago.

I am so proud of him, it hasn't been easy.

He loves COOKIES!! Lot's of them, nothing like 10 cookies or so to make it all better! Any kind, any shape, anywhere. He knows all the places in town that serve free cookies, photo shops, dentist office, banks are the worst, they serve Otis Spunkmeyer, surprising all the places that serve free cookies. It's really tough.

He really loves nuts, handfuls of them. He'd eat them without thinking really. I see him at his desk chucking peanuts and staring into space. No more!! We measure those nuts! The other day I saw him at the tale end of eating nuts...."how many did you have?", I asked accusingly. "a cup I guess", he said innocently. Then I go into hysterics as usual, "a whole cup? !!! That's close to 800 are done eating for the day!!" I screamed. He gives me that sad puppy dog look he is so good at. Come to find out, he'd only eaten a handful which is about an ounce, the right portion...but you see how quickly things can get out of hand!!!

This is his favorite beer, Yuengling. Loves it!! He has practiced moderation for about 25 years now...but he loves the stuff. Gotta have 2 of them though. At 145 calories each, he has made the switch to light and includes them in his calories allowed on the day he wants to indulge. Yuengling and nuts go hand in hand for him most of the time, so you can see how this spells trouble if he isn't careful.

Last but not least, is strawberry ice cream....this is what the old way of eating ice cream would look like, a full bowl, overflowing. Now maybe 2 scoops (1/2 cup, 130 calories) will do. Top them with a cup of fresh strawberries (50 calories)and a dab of whipped cream (15 calories). He's a happy boy!!

I'm so proud of you!
Restraint is hard,
you are doing it and loving it!

Magical, yes it is, indeed!


Charlotte said...

Wow!! who is that slim young man in the picture??

Felicia said...

What a sweet journey you two are on together. You should both be so proud.

Anonymous said...

It's me,Mom...your daughter. I'm still giggling over the "Who is this Mia Bella chic?" comment.

You have such a great writing style are doing a fantastic job on this blog.

I am so proud of Dad because this new way of living has been the hardest on him and he's made it work and still gets to have his little fun too.

Thanks for a great dinner tonight celebrating all the joy in our lives.