Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting back into the kitchen

One of the by-products of counting calories has been getting back in the kitchen. Since I needed to know what is in the food we are eating, I needed to prepare it. We had gotten in the very bad habit of eating out way too much.

I'd learned to cook from my Mom, she was a wonderful cook, I can smell the pot roast now. Mom ate pretty healthy, I remember her famous lettuce and tomato sandwiches on Roman Meal bread. They never appealed to me, my favorite sandwich was ham spread mixed with mayo and relish. We always had good food and almost every Saturday my Mom made homemade yeast donuts and homemade onion rings. Oh those were the days!

I'd lost the art of cooking for several reasons, the nest was empty. I threw so much food away because I didn't know how to make small portions. Plus, restaurants were less lonely and company to Dick and I. Another reason was how do you compete with the "taste" of restaurant food...yummy stuff there!
I'm so thankful for this renewed interest in cooking and preparing delicious nutritious recipes. Dick and I just beam when we sit down to a healthy meal. The house smells so good when you boil the vinegar to pour over the cucumbers and onions or stir fry some chicken and veggies.
It just feels right and I think Momma would be so proud!


Felicia said...
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4ever4some said...

You are a healthy Paula Dean. You could have your own cooking show.

Maree said...

Awww what a sweet thing to say! I love Paula...I watch her all the time, she always says...I'm your cook not your doctor!

Leslie said...

I've never heard Paula Dean say funny. I guess she's talking about the stick of butter she is always using.

What sweet memories you have shared. Love it.

sara said...

Getting "in" the kitchen is the hardest part. But when you think of all the BUTTER that restaurants add to your food to get that yummy taste, suddenly, staying in doesn't sound so bad....