Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am blessed!

Something about hugs and kisses from a certain 3 year old can sure make an old girl feel good. My granddaughter Leah spent the day with me today. We sure had fun! We just plain "get" each other...we are two peas in a pod! Love that girl!

It's surprising how many of the same episodes (about 5?? lost count) of The Backyardigans "The Bugs" Leah can watch. The weird thing is....I watched too....songs are kinda catchy.

All in one day we shared quiet talks, shopping, reading, playdough, painting, coloring, cutting, but more importantly...gluing, jewelry making and we can't forget ice cream! There's only one word to sum it all up with, and that would be ...Blessed!

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sara said...

Leah is cute everywhere; even the kitchen - I'll bet she is a great help!