Friday, July 11, 2008

Our little man

This is my precious grandson Sam at the cabin in Gatlinburg. Our son Brad, his dad, will be running in the Ironman 2008 in Louisville, KY. To get ready for that race, he is competing in lots of races all over America. One of those was a bike race not too far from Gatlinburg, so we met up. Since they live 700 miles or so away from us, we don't get to see them near enough.

Brad and his wife (our dearly loved daughter in law) Cheri, adopted Sam from Russia last year. Sam has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year and has become an all American boy.

We had a great time playing, singing....Sam sang wonderfully at the top of his lungs , reading, hiking and eating. Sam loves hard boiled eggs, cucumbers and grapes A LOT. He's a gusto kinda guy and enjoys every minute. Sam especially loves bugs of all kinds....especially the Katy-did!

Catch it if you can!!

We love you dearly, Sam!


Leslie said...

Hi Maree,

I didn't know you had a blog???? Wow, it's a nice one at too. I love how you have it decorated. I think I know who get's that credit!

Your grandbabies are the cutest ever.

I will be bookmarking your blog, and will be back.

Hope you guys are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Sam's such a cutie-pie! Can't wait to spend a little time with him in August. :)

4ever 4some said...

Welcome to bloggerville. Love the look of your blog. I'm partial to green with black & white toile. That meal you prepared looked great. Hmm...At Home...sounds like a great name for a cookbook. Felicia

sara said...