Monday, July 21, 2008

So long to all the diets I've known before....

The truth is, I was waiting for the magic weight loss know the one that really worked, didn't cause cancer, hair loss, kidney failure...the real deal.

In the mean time I tried the egg and banana diet, Mayo Clinic, Weight Watchers....lot's of different times.
(I'm not knocking Weight Watchers, just didn't work for me, counting points drove me crazy)

The grapefruit mom had put my dad on this one in the 60's...something about the acids diving into those fat cells. Didn't work for him or me.

Hopeful was the Dolly Partin Diet which consisted of making this cabbage soup and eating it a lot.....boy did I ever get sick of cabbage soup! I still love Dolly...and the red velvet cake you can get at Dolly can have her soup.

I loved this diet..the Suzanne Somers diet...who didn't love Chrissy on Threes Company? I lost 40 lbs on her's low carb. We ate pretty well but used full fat dressings, and bacon, steaks were okay....something didn't seem right about that, but we were losing weight, quickly.

Trouble was on her diet no banana's, carrots, sweet potato or bread. Oh-Oh...didn't see that one coming! The whole time I was on that diet I wanted ...needed...a sandwich. The sandwich finally won and I gained back 30 of the 40 pounds I had lost.

So long all the fad diets, gimmicks, pills and starvation tactics...goodbye.

Hello to health, exercise and plain sense.


Anonymous said...

Well, I've watched you go through a lot of starving and a lot of frustration and I am thrilled to see this work for you. You look fabulous, and I know you are feeling that way too.

I'm very very proud of you for not giving up and for all the things you are doing not only for yourself, but our family, to improve our quality of life.

Love you!

sara said...

Amen!! I, too, have been the victim of many of the diets out there! Atkins, WW, etc. I like eating healthy without sacrificing some of the things I really want (BREAD!!) But realizing it is OK to give up corn syrup and sugar :)

You are doing GREAT!!

I always joke & say, "well - carbs FOUND me!!"