Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mom loved China.....

My Mom had a really good friend who was a missionary to China, Mary Sampson....she taught us to love China . Wouldn't my mom just be thrilled to see this little one and to know she had joined our family?!!
This is a picture of Leah and I right after getting home from China, over two years ago.
Life is full of circles and this is a circle of love!


Felicia said...

Oh precious Leah! We can't wait to meet precious Kate too. We love and are thankful for China too!

sara said...

Oh my gosh, Leah was such a little peanut!! We love China too!


Dear Maree, on 20 August 2010, I found your article, the day of the 9th anniversary of my mom, Mary Sampson, passed away. The article really touched my heart and knowing that I may have another clue to find out more about my mom Mary Sampson who was a missionary to China. And that your mom and my mom were good friends. I would be pleased if you could recall and retell some of the stories which my mom shared with your mom.
You may wondering why I want all these information, it is because I want to do something that I think is meaningful and as a memorial of her life. Especially, those days when she was in mainland China (1945-1954) and her life spent in Taiwan (1954-1983).
In the article you also mentioned that your “Mom's life work was working at church, since my dad was a preacher and taking care of our family.” I do not know if your parents and Mary were at the same Church in Louisville, Kentucky or in Richmond, VA? I would be glad to know all these stories ….
Thanks you for sharing the article and the love with us.
How old is Leah now? I believe she must be a little cute angel now. Please especially Hug her for me.
I’ve lately post a few photos posted onto Facebook (Georgia Mary Sampson), I’d mom Mary Sampson’s picture together with some of the collage girls who stayed at the Mei En Baptist Church Dormitory in Taichung, Taiwan.
Well, that all for today.
God Bless
Georgia 31Aug 2010.
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