Friday, July 25, 2008

Danger out!!

Last night we went to Red Robbin with Sis, Shawn and Leah to celebrate Shawn's 37th birthday.
Since starting our new healthy life style, we pretty much stay clear of restaurants that don't post nutritional facts. That used to be true of Red Robbin, but no more...deeply hidden in their website is a well designed page with facts about their food.
I know your thinking Red Robbin is known for their outrageous burgers, why does she have a picture of a wrap?.....well, I'll tell you about that plain and true.
At Red Robbin you already know about the calories in a big ole expect that! But a wrap? A sweet innocent wrap? At Red Robbin it's the Boogie man for sure! The Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap is 1136 calories. They serve it wrapped in a spinach tortilla with melon....fooled me, fooled Shawn. Add the fries, that come with it and it's 1526 calories.
That was then, this is now!! We went in with armour on....we were empowered with knowledge!! I got the Turkey burger (704 calories)with a side salad, it was very good.
It was Shawn's birthday, he got the wrap. I wasn't going to tell him the bad news about that sandwich....but he did find out....I thought he handled it well...nothing can get you down on your birthday though, right? Next year given that the wrap is the same calorie as a burger....he's getting the burger. On birthdays, calories just don't count!

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sara said...

Uggh. To think, I have been known to eat out 3 times a day with calories coming in like that! No more!! I am taking control of what I put in my mouth! And yes, sometimes that means celebrating and throwing caution to the wind! But not very often :)