Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blue Kool-Aid

Okay, it's not on the healthy list of things we should drink, but when Gramma Re says...hey, I've got some blue Kool-Aid in the fridge, and those big brown eyes light up....who cares! ;-)

This is our little princess Leah having some angel food cake, whipped cream and a bottle of blue Kool-Aid at my house.

Melissa, Leah and I ran errands together yesterday and ate lunch out at a yummy Italian restaurant. (grilled chicken, light salad)

Leah loves to come over and "play" with me so we let mommy finish up errands without us so we could hang out.

The first thing Leah does when she comes to my house is to change into her favorite ballet dress, princess shoes, a tiara (today she chose Snow White) and jewelry of some sort and then we play and do whatever she wants to do.

It's always magic when she visits, something really neat continually happens. Today, as we sat at the table eating our angel food cake, she looks at me while she's drinking and says..."lets drink at the same time!" with a giggle. It all takes me back to when I was a kid....and that's not a bad thing!!

Thanks baby doll for such a delightful afternoon! Love you dearly!


Bella's momma said...

She is darling!!!

Anonymous said...

That's my girl. I'm so happy she has the opportunity for some Gramma Re all have a special little bond. Love you!

sara said...

They love the littlest things, it i so precious!