Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sissy's chicken for dinner!

We have been fixing chicken on the grill like this for several months now. It is delicious!! Very simple and if you haven't tried it...please do!

First we pat Olive Oil to lightly cover the chicken. Then sprinkle both sides lightly with Kosher Salt, and as much pepper as you would like on both sides. That's it!
Then we grill it, 6-7 minutes each side over a hot fire....yummy.

This is my doll baby Dick slaving away at the stove...he loves it! It's best if I stay out of this part of the cooking process...he can be a bit temperamental if bothered...chef at work stuff and all that. Looking good sweetie!!

While he takes care of the chicken I keep busy in the
house taking care of the side dishes.

I use a large saute pan with about an inch of water in it to cook the asparagus. Let the water come to a boil, add prepared asparagus and let boil in water about 3 minutes. Drain, add a teaspoon of butter to pan and swirl to coat asparagus.

Since starting the The Daily Plate.com we weigh and measure everything, we never eyeball.

This scale is awesome and takes the guess work out. We weigh the chicken on the plate we will eat it on by resetting the scale to zero.

You can read more about this scale here

Viola! Our finished healthy meal.

We also had baked sweet potato mixed with Brummel & Brown and a little Splenda Brown Sugar Blend.

Squeezed lime juice and a little Zesty Italian over tomatoes and avocado....real spike of favor there!

Just around 430 calories if you have 4oz of chicken.


Charlotte said...

This is how I fix my chicken!! I put a little bit of olive oil in the skillet and then just use salt and pepper. If it starts cooking down I put in a little water until that cooks down and then add a little more. It comes out nice and brown. Sometimes I'll put just a little Nature's Season on it-I love that stuff. Your pictures are great - especially the asparagus - has the steam rolling out. I love your blog.

sara said...

Oh my gosh - your meals are alway so beautiful! I have some pictures to share, but mine aren't pretty!! And we rarely get a side dish!!