Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Be good to your teeth

After having a very bad day at the Periodontists yesterday and wondering what else I could do to keep my gums healthier. I happened across an article in Shape magazine about how The Journal of Periodontology found that people who consumed 2 ounces or more of lactic acid-rich foods, such as yogurt, had a 60% lower risk for severe periodontal disease than those who didn't eat any. The article went on to say that milk and cheese don't provide the same effect because they don't have probiotics. Finally, it said to get at least half of your dairy servings each day from yogurt.

Since starting calorie counting I did add yogurt to my diet and only recently discovered Breyers Light at Walmart for fifty cents. Although Breyers Light contains aspartame it does have active cultures and natural probiotics.

Rich, creamy Breyers Light is a deliciously indulgent nonfat yogurt inspired by your favorite desserts – with only 80 calories. And now, Breyers Light is made with extra helpings of vitamins A and D and extra calcium. Most importantly, Breyers Light is enhanced with a special natural probiotic clinically proven to help strengthen your body's immune system. Every cup of Breyers Light provides billions of active cultures to fortify your defenses each day!

I have also read about yogurt helping with stomach issues and stress....not bad for something that taste so good!

My Periodontitis also suggested I start using the Interplak Electric Toothbrush Model #NT7CS Replacement brush head Model # 12167 and 12168. He said he had been using them for 18 years and liked them better than anything for getting rid of plak.

I found them both at for $35.40 with 3 extra heads and free shipping.


Leslie said...


Your blog rocks. I love it, and so does my mom. Keep the recipes coming, because they look so good.

I'm getting ready to put you in my favorites and share with my fellow bloggers this great blog of yours...

P.s..I hope you don't mind...LOL. It's to good not to share.

Charlotte said...

Well this is my 3rd attempt at sending a comment. I think I'm just going to send you an email.