Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dinner for Two...

Dick and I really enjoy putting meals together. We have found comfort eating at home instead of depending on a restaurant to cook for us.

Counting calories has really pushed us to think more about what we eat and how we prepare it.

I get these crab cakes from Sam's Club, they are 120 calories each including the sauce. The green beans are called French Haricot Vert, I just steamed them. Served with a salad the total meal was 420 calories. Oh, we like to use limes in our tea, yummy!
These crab cakes are so good! They have 70% crab meat and come with an aioli sauce.

I keep them in the freezer for a night when we just want to chill.


sara said...

Anywhere else to get then other than Sams? We have Sam's, I am just not a memeber.

You are miss fancy pants. My hubby is lucky it is still warm when he gets it!! But we too, have really been enjoying eating at home!

Felicia said...

Wow! presentation is everything. You could make a pb&j look good on a plate. Can you get the green beans at Sam's too?

Maree said...

Sara, I'll check to see if other places carry the crab cakes, I like them because they have 70% crab meat and not a lot of filler. You can still shop at Sam's...I think they add 5% or something like that. Even though it's volume food, I go ever other week and stock up on salad making things and veggie's since we eat so many of them now. A package of spring mix lettuce is huge and last 2 weeks and is the same price as Krogers small mix.

Felicia, yes they come in 2 packages. You find them on the wall next to the lettuces and fruit trays. I get aspargus there too since we eat a lot of it. Sometimes they have very small red, yellow and orange peppers...yummy.

Maree said...

PS...Thanks for the compliments...I get that natural from my Mom, presentation was very important to her. (being a preachers wife, she entertained quite a bit, she always made it an "event".)

Maree said...

Sara, I emailed World Catch and here is their response,
Thank you for contacting us and for your kind comments regarding our World Catch Crab Cakes. This item is currently being sold only at Sam’s Clubs.

We do offer our SeaPak Crab Cakes; a very similar product, at most Wal-Mart stores and other major chain grocers. We do offer a product locator on the website at

Printable coupons are available on the SeaPak website if you would like to give them a try.

Thank you again for your interest in our products.